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Business coaching

Our coaches know from personal experience that a successful business requires strong physical and mental health. Exceptionally smart business leaders are also not afraid to ask for coaching from others who have travelled a similar path before them.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching helps business leaders work to a plan designed to improve personal and professional skills to achieve measurable desired outcomes. These outcomes are driven both by the executive (coachee) and the direct manager report.

Workshop Facilitation

We individually design & facilitate a large range of workshops and strategic retreats that are purposefully tailored for your organisational needs. We also facilitate board meetings, partnership and family business disputes where business alignment is needed.

Strategic Projects

Some businesses only need specific projects completed from time to time. This is generally for more larger scaled businesses who are in an advanced growth stage of the business cycle.

Trusted by these companies 

Rohan’s high-level thinking and the ability to enable our partnership group to recognise and understand the high level drivers of our business and industry were truly insightful.

He consistently challenged us to relook at all aspects of our strategic plan and the way we interacted with each other.

Greg Sugars

Chief Executive Officer Preston Rowe Paterson

Rohan has been a constant and reliable source of invaluable advice, assistance and guidance in getting the firm to determine and set its direction and strategy and to get on with implementing that strategy. He brings to the table his considerable knowledge and understanding of professional service firms and other types of businesses, and of the basic human attributes that drive business success.

Paul Gleeson

Managing Partner Russell Kennedy Lawyers

Rohan’s coaching was consistently of high quality, relevance and practicality for our business. He has the ability of having both the intellectual acumen to coach us through strategic planning, and also an understanding of what makes people tick.

His experience across so many different areas of the business taught us how to run the business we want rather than the business we have.

Travis Allen

Partner Hillyer Riches

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Our primary purpose in delivering our coaching services is to inspire and educate business entrepreneurs & leaders on how to reach their full potential. We believe inspiration leads to change and education means making informed decisions that are inline with your head, your heart and intuition.